Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Slowly Crawling Back from the Abyss...

I've picked up my pencil again, but the writing's not going all that well.

I think I might have a ghost dog. Maybe. I can still hear Jordan's dog tags on occasion, and sometimes I can feel him rub against my writing chair. It would be nice to still have him around in some capacity.

But a bright spot appeared on my horizon yesterday. I discovered a basic, but major, flaw in my main character and I found a way to fix it. So, that mental frequency is coming in clearer. Hopefully that will increase my productivity.

See everyone on Sunday!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Death, Again

It's been a terrible week. I've only done a couple of pages - not even one scene.

I've been taking care of my dog, Jordan, who finally had to be put to sleep yesterday. He was in third stage kidney failure, and the vet only gave him a couple of months at best. And that didn't include the other things that had begun to happen to him.

I had to give him mercy.

It's done a lot to me, though. Maybe by tomorrow I'll feel like writing. Today and yesterday, I just feel blah.

Here's hoping.