Sunday, July 29, 2012

Taking A Deep Breath...

Hi everyone! Hope everything's going well. Here's the local news from Orlando.

I've finished Calculus. I think I got a decent grade - I'll find out tomorrow. I do know I got a 90 on the final, so that gives me hope.

I have nothing to concentrate on for the next three weeks except writing - because I'm off until the 24th of August. Wow! I'm not sure how it's going to feel without doing any math. This should be interesting.

I need a good kick in the butt. Anyone want to help me with that? I've got to get my head out of the math and into the writing. Changing my mindset is proving to be a bit harder than I anticipated.

I'll accept gratefully any ideas that may be out there.

See you all on Wednesday!


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Shaking Off the Heat Wave

Wow, it's been a small slice of hell for a good part of the country! Down here in Florida it's not been quite so bad - except for when the air conditioning starts to leak through the ceiling.

 Houston...we have a problem...

This is why apartment living is so great. All you have to do is call the nice men in the maintenance uniforms and things are fixed. Wicked cool. And now it is.

Started my rewrites yesterday. My prologue has changed quite a bit since some accidental research showed up some major mythological errors. Things are going a bit slower than I'd like because of my Calculus class - the whole class failed a major test yesterday. My professor's NOT happy. Oops...!

But as soon as I finish this, I'm back off to Egypt to play with dead people, werejackals, and a lovesick but possibly psychopathic immortal.

Who said work wasn't fun?

Happy writing!


Thursday, July 05, 2012

Post 4th Check-In

Hi, everyone. Did you have a good holiday? I had company, so blogging and posting wasn't something I was able to do yesterday.

I'm all geared up and ready to go on some scenes I blogged about Tuesday (see below). My page count is low, but I've been getting planning accomplished.

Today is going to be about production, production, production. I'll let you know on Sunday how much I was able to achieve.

Does anyone want to race - see how many pages we can write by Sunday? Sort of like a mini-challenge?

Let me know.


Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Productive? I'm Not Sure...

It's been an interesting couple of days. Yesterday I did some tightening up and plotting, but I didn't produce any actual pages.

Today,'s been glorious. In Calculus, for example, I got 5 new scenes. That's a direct result of realizing (before class) that I need to change the motivation and personality of the female lead somewhat to make her more sympathetic and less selfish - even if her selfishness and slight martyrdom complex stem from good motives but inaccurate information.

She'll start off with more of a spine, which will solve something that's been niggling at me for a good long while. Woo hoo!

I'll let my fingers skitter across the keyboard once I get off work. I've got a lot of rewriting to do.  Hopefully, it will get me out of the problems in the middle, and it won't seem out of character for her to kill her abductor with the Traveling Shovel of Death!

Everyone familiar with NanoWriMo knows that particular implement...(insert evil laugh here...)

Have fun, and a lovely, safe 4th of July!


Monday, July 02, 2012

Goals This Round

Hi everyone! Back, refreshed, and ready to rock?

Me too. And I'm going to take the challenge to be an action verb. That's a great idea - not only for production, but to form and ingrain a new habit. And let's face it, if we want to be professionals, the first and foremost thing we have to do is...WRITE!

So, that's going to be my goal and my daily mantra. I'm putting it up as my screensaver. I've set up Penzu Post to send me reminder emails just in case I haven't put anything down that day. I'm setting it up in my Outlook as a repeating appointment - just me and my computer. What a cozy relationship we'll develop!

Now, if I can just keep the werewolves from gnawing on the chair legs when they're bored, it'll be a great challenge!