Sunday, January 15, 2012

Let's Try This Again, Shall We?

Just when I thought I was beginning to get better - SLAM - here comes the second round of the bionic crud my body seems to be having a masochistic affair with. Figuring I could Google something about it, I did just that. Now, the CDC, in its infinite wisdom, publishes weekly numbers on disease outbreaks in the United States. According to a local news article, Central Florida is in the throes of a major flu outbreak. Yay. Lucky us. According to a local doctor, before this started, his walk-in care center saw about 20 flu patients per week. Now it's up to about 340. Helluva jump, that.

The upside to my own personal misery is that my brain's been running like a hamster on steroids and speed. Heck, my hamster can probably power an entire mid-sized city. Like Orlando.

And that's a good thing, because story stuff is what he's been chasing. Surprisingly, he's hunted down some interesting stuff. Like how the burning of the Alexandrian Library was collateral damage in a fight between werewolf clans. Of course, if I try to write it down, or pound it out on my keyboard, it comes out like a stream-of-consciousness fever dream.

So, I've contented myself with snippets of notes on different scenes. Hopefully, once I become coherent (even this blog entry sounds a bit ramblish - yeah, I know it's not a word, but I like it so I'm not going to edit it out) I'll be able to catch up on my pages.

On the downside, my computer's been doing a very odd heat thing. So I think I'm going to refine my goal. Currently, it stands at two pages per day. Now I'm going to specify that they are handwritten pages. I don't want to overtax my laptop.

Right now my hand doesn't seem to want to put down my pencil. (Yes, I write with pencil, mechanical, 0.5 lead, and all in caps. That's how I distinguish writing pages from other pages. Besides, I can write like the wind that way.) I'm going to take advantage of my inner hamster and see if I can produce anything.

I've got no new pages this time around. I've been so out of it, I even forgot to report on the 11th! Hopefully, everything will change today.

See you for the next round!

(By the way, what do you do with a gay, diva-ish werewolf from a different story who insists he's part of this one, too? Simon sure as heck seems to get around....)

I'll surface on Wednesday the 18th, I promise!

UPDATE: I've got my two pages done for today, and I show no sign of slacking. Yippee!!!


Anonymous said...

Heck, let him in the story! You may have series on your hands :)

Feel better soon. Best of luck this week.

Lara said...

Thanks, Raelyn! I guess if I let Simon in, I'm going to have to let in his vampire employer, Linnet. She's a lot of fun - sarcastic, bitchy, loveable on the inside, and still missing her coffee. She keeps threatening to try to drink it, even though it's rumored it will make her sick now. Maybe if she mixes it with O-neg...?

Julie Jordan Scott said...

I thought I was the only one who still wrote with pencil. I use old school wooden pencils though. A soon-to-be purchased item is a matching pencil sharpener, the kind they had when I was a child either on a teacher's desk or a bookshelf or on the windowsill so I could day dream as it went CRANK CRANK CRANK how I loved the smell, too....

Doesn't take much to lose me on a reverie!

You are doing so great with your ROW80 goals, even with the flu bug. Guessing the hamster is not impacted by the flu? LOL.

Great to read you today!

Lara said...

Julie, I'll use regular pencils in a pinch, but I can never get the lead to stay sharp enough. Right now I've got a great mechanical - I think it might be from Pentel, but I can't swear to it. If I remember correctly, the lead actually turns in addition to the usual coming out via a clicking motion. It's supposed to keep it sharper or something.

It's not the most comfortable to write with, though.

Pencil geeks, unite!

(Talk to you soon.)