Sunday, November 04, 2012

Too Much Caffeine Equals Stomachache

Owww. You can tell Nano's here. Between the caffeine and leftover Halloween candy, I feel like crap. I've had three cups of coffee already this morning, and I've written almost 3,000 words. The manic hamster in my head is working well; but I can't say the same for the rest of my (in)sane self.

Goals? That's been a bit of a hit or miss. Let's take a look.

Planning is going well. And since we entered the madness of Nano four days ago, I've written 39 pages. Since I only planned on 80 pages this round, I'm feeling pretty good about that. So I'm on track for a win in that category.

Giving up pizza and fried chicken? I haven't had any pizza. I can't say the same about fried chicken, but I can say that I've cut down. In fact, there's still chicken in the fridge. And if my roommate doesn't eat it by dinner, it's going in the garbage. (Oops...hang on a moment. I've got to take out hamburger to make chili with tonight. Brb.) Okay, I'm back.

Exercise? We don't even want to discuss that. But I have plans to get there as soon as my coffee stomachache goes away. Since I've written over 2,000 words today so far, I figure I can allow myself that break.

Prepared food? I've gotten LOTS better with that. I'm still resisting going into certain aisles in the grocery store, even though Near East has some outstanding grain mixes. One of these days I'll get around to figuring them out so I can do them at home.

On a different front, last Saturday my roommate took his blood pressure at our local grocery store. It was 238/137. To say that's not good is an extreme understatement. Immediately the Mountain Dew was gone, and he cut back on cigarettes from 20 per day to 8 per day. He's steadily decreasing until he's quitting. I got the idea from how George Carlin finally quit cocaine. He just weaned himself off it gradually. I figured that would work for cigarettes too. The good news is that he's sleeping better and his constant headache is gone. Yeah, I cut out the salt for the most part, too.

We'll see how that one goes.

Have a great day everyone!


The Daring Novelist said...

Good on roommate for taking the hint! (Yeah, I know it was a BIG hint, but still.)

In the meantime it sounds like you're doing well on your writing goals. I'm still dealing with a lot of "related tasks" and not quite hitting my goals, but getting there.

Jennette Marie Powell said...

Good on your progress! I shudder to think of getting rid of Mtn Dew, but then I only drink one/day. Your roommate's BP - yikes! My husband quit smoking, after being a smoker for 30 years, by using nicotine lozenges. Patches, gum, etc. didn't work, but now he's been smoke-free since Feb. Good luck with your goals, and your roommate's health!

Lara said...

Roommate update - we took it yesterday, and it's dropped about 25 points on top, and about 10 on the bottom.

It's still much too high, but it's a work in progress. We'll see what it looks like next Saturday, and I'll mention in on my Sunday post.

Jae said...

39 pages is awesome! And giving up pizza... I don't think I could do it. But, you know, just saying, if you make the pizza from scratch the calories are significantly less than a place like Pizza Hut or the frozen food section.

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