Wednesday, March 27, 2013

First Round Final Bits

I'm here at Starbucks, coffee by my hand, ready to rip into planning. I still want to have this entire book planned and organized before I start writing again on April 1st. (Hmm...doesn't sound like an auspicious day, does it?)

The first thing I'm going to do today, though, is look at Kristen Lamb's post on POV. I've been wavering on whether I should choose first or deep third, and hopefully she'll give me some insight. She's always brilliant - she's one of the people I actually keep a folder on.

Here's to productivity!

I hope everyone enjoys the holiday - and takes a well-deserved break.


Eden Mabee said...

Kristen Lamb does have a certain eye for "how it gets done", doesn't she?

Thing is, with POV, it's usually the story (and especially the characters) that make or break that. Any combination can work depending on who you are focusing on and how you want your readers to respond to them (example: I'm reading a book right now called Kiss of the Wolf by Jim Shepard where he uses both 1st and 3rd person works)

Enjoy your Starbuck's. I'm looking forward to some myself soon. :-D

Shan Jeniah Burton said...


This sounds like a lovely way to spend a final day.

Kristen has really opened up writing for me, these last few months. I find I'm having to restrain myself, these days, so that I don't get lost in there and forget to write or eat...

May your writing be merry, and your Starbuck's be yummy!