Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Issuing an Invitation

So, my writing partner Olivia and I just got an invitation to Camp Nano. For those who don't know, it's another opportunity to make yourself crazy for a month trying to deliver on what most would consider impossible goals. (We know better, don't we?)

She and I both write paranormal/paranormal suspense/paranormal romances. We're going to get a "cabin" during April for this craziness. We need two more people to share the lunacy with, because the cabins hold four people.

Any takers? We'll have virtual everything, from favorite snacks to favorite alcohol. The conversation will be good, the writing will be sparkling, and goals will be met and then exceeded.

Speaking of goals...

Regarding my ROW goals, I'm off my back, breathing, and back at Starbucks working. Of course, I left my TB drive at home, so everything I'm doing today is in Word, and I'll transfer it when I get home, which will be about 11 hours from now. I'm thinking I should be making a checklist before I pack my stuff.

Have a wonderfully productive week. See y'all on Sunday!


Elizabeth Greentree said...

Oh, I really, really, really want to join you... but I live in Australia. Managed to complete my 50,000 words for NaNoWriMo in 2012, and would love a chance to stay in a cabin and work on more writing. Haven't actually done anything with my last story, despite constantly meaning to. Though, to be fair, I'm self-publishing my first book on Sunday, so I haven't been exactly slack.
Let me know how the cabin goes. Am very jealous.

Lara said...

Elizabeth, you can still join us. It's virtual - we won't really be in a cabin. There's a bed here with your name on it, along with the calorie-free virtual snack-type vices of choice.


Elizabeth Greentree said...

Virtual cabin, huh? Not as exciting, but definitely more inclusive. Verdict is out on virtual snacks, obviously no calories but also no taste.
So, count me in, but I might bring the snacks 'to share' :D