Monday, April 01, 2013

"A" - "Abandon"

I only heard about the A - Z Blog today. So, I jumped in with both feet, not even really thinking it through. And then it struck me. That's a perfect beginning for this blog entry.


Everyone needs it. Shaking up the patterns of your life and sucking in great gulps of whatever fills you with joy is the way to go. Reckless abandon. Joyous abandon. Permanent abandon...maybe not permanent. It might not have the same effect on a full-time basis.

Passionate abandon. Sensual abandon. Sexual abandon. Whatever it is that fills your heart with joy.

Jump in with both feet. Abandon the strictures of your day-to-day life and pursue your dreams.

Sounds like fun, doesn't it?

See you tomorrow!


Sopphey Vance said...

You're so right. Everyone needs a moment to lose-all and just shake it up and it sounds like a lot of fun.

Lara said...

Thanks, Sopphey! I hope you snag some abandon for your day today!