Wednesday, April 03, 2013

"C" - "Cats" or... "Coffee" or... "Cooking". How About "Confused"?

When I started this challenge, I immediately thought of "cats" for the letter C. But as I sat down in my writing chair, with "Worst Cooks in America" on in the background, and realizing I didn't have coffee yet, it popped into my head that there are lots of things I LOVE that begin with "C".

Cats? Well, I like them. But I'm a dog person. We'll talk about that tomorrow. There is a cat that lives in my apartment. She's a Russian Blue (I think) but she has golden/green eyes instead of blue. She's a pure grey shadow, though. Her name is Mara Jade, and she belongs to my roommate, Todd. Thing is, I don't think she believes that anymore. I feed her. My lap is her favorite spot (which is why my laptop isn't there as often as it should be). She talks to me, and I talk back. Todd has turned into her second favorite person. My other roommate tells me, with inordinate glee, that I have acquired a cat. He says she's "voted with her feet." Crap.  Did I mention that I have a cat allergy and I can't take antihistimines?

Cooking? I adore cooking. Buying packaged food is anathema to me. Well, except things like pasta. I don't have a pasta attachment for my KitchenAid. Time has been short lately because I picked up a third job, so I've not been cooking as much as I'd like. Maybe I'll add that to my goals - do some freezer cooking.

Coffee? Who can say enough about coffee. I need it to write. My nurse sister heard that and she told me I have adult ADHD. Possibly. It would explain a few things. But it's more than that - heck, I need it to breathe. (No, it's true - I found out from some friends of mine that have asthma that caffeine helps you breathe. It opens up the alveoli in your lungs or something. And for someone who's allergic to the planet and can't take allergy drugs, coffee is my best friend.) Now, you might be wondering about Mountain Dew? That has lots of caffeine. True, it does. It also has lots of sugar, and since my late mother was badly diabetic, I try to avoid that.

There's lots of stuff for "C". I bet I could even come up with more. Like College. Or Curmudgeon. Or Confused...?


Bonnie Gwyn said...

... Why is it that we always wind up with the cats?
Loved it! Stopping by from A-Z :)

Anonymous said...
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Ornery's Wife said...

Or cute--that was what this was... and a cat ALWAYS goes to the allergic person--it must have some sort of radar in its DNA! Happy D Day-