Tuesday, April 09, 2013

"H" - Hospital (Food Hospital)

I discovered a BBC show several weeks ago. It's called "The Food Hospital" and it's all about treating diseases with food.

Now, Hippocrates said "Let food be your medicine and let medicine be your food." Good words to live by. Oops, sorry...no pun intended.

Until I started having seizures, I wanted to be a surgeon. In the process I found out that in most medical schools, nutrition classes aren't even offered. And if they are offered, they aren't mandatory. That, coupled with a mother who became severely diabetic, drove me to learning about food. And about our relationship with food and the corporate food machine. Lots of people are happy with the status quo.

But our perspectives have to change a little bit, I think. Everything we put in our body becomes part of us. It,  literally, outwardly defines who we are. What other people see. Perhaps how the judge us - both good and bad.

Health insurance expenses are such that the most cost effective thing we can do to maintain our health is to eat healthy and exercise.

Most people have no idea of the power of food in the body. The Food Hospital has episodes on YouTube.
Check it out. I'm sure you'll find it fascinating.


Rob-bear said...

The connection between food and health is so significant, at so many levels. Keep checking that.

Blessings and Bear hugs!
Bears Noting

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

I've never heard of that show. Sounds like a fascinating one. I'll have to check it out.

Jana Grissom said...

I am a middle school science teacher. I will be looking into the Food Hospital!


Jana @ A Novel Reality