Friday, April 19, 2013

"Q" - Quiet

Quiet, blessed quiet. How I need thee.

I guess it's evident I'm an introvert. The only way I can recharge my batteries is through some alone time that's also quiet time. And, oh, it feels so, so good.

When I was living in Michigan, I used to love to lay out in a meadow, flat on my back, and take strength from the earth. All my stress just melted away. And it was all because of quiet.

It doesn't seem in today's modern society that most people, the younger ones especially, appreciate the value of silence. That's unfortunate.

I wonder if they're afraid - maybe afraid of being alone, of having to actually take time to ponder things if their senses aren't being bombarded by something outside of themselves.

But the silence really isn't. If you unplug, you can hear lots of things. The wind, the rustle of trees and grasses, birds, insects; really, too many things to list. It's music you don't have to purchase, pirate, or download.

Try taking a media fast. No television, music, podcasts, or computers in any form - except what you need to do to work. Take some time and open a book. A real one. With pages. Sorry, no Kindles or Nooks or eReaders of any type. If you're concerned about missing your weekly episodes of Survivor, that's what Tivo's and DVRs are for.

It's thoroughly relaxing too, in the short term. Take a break.

You've earned it.


Suzi said...

I love silence. Having 2 kids, I don't often hear it.

Rob-bear said...

Being an introvert, like you, I so understand what you are saying. Getting away from everyone and everything is just so calming and restoring. And, when getting away from the business and noisiness, one can hear the geese honking, instead of the cars honking.

Hope you have a restful time.

Blessings and Bear hugs!
Bears Noting

Lara said...

Oh, Rob, I miss the geese! We used to have Canadian geese, mallards and swans in the inlet behind our house in Rhode Island. It was incredibly restful even to go into the backyard.

Rob-bear said...

A place like that would, indeed, be wonderful!

Blessings and Bear hugs!
Bears Noting

Debra Mauldin said...

I love my quiet time, too. :) I'm visiting from the A-Z Road Trip.