Wednesday, July 03, 2013

In the Beginning...

So far, so good. I've got my WIP on a terrabyte drive so I can work on it wherever I am. Lately, with all the stormy weather, I've actually been working on paper. And that's okay. It's a very sensual experience that tends to keep me more connected to my scenes.

And let's face it - sometimes I need that. And, a blank page of loose leaf notebook paper is so much less intimidating than a blazing computer screen trying to stare you down.

Use whatever works for you, right?

So, here's the goals recap:

Posting - I'm here. Let's see if I can keep it going.

Word Count - Averaging out to around my declared 1,667 per day. Day 1 I was way over, almost 3k. Yesterday I tutored students, so I didn't make my limit.

Planning - That's going well, too. Not always at convenient times, however. But on the upside, it's keeping my memory going strong.

See everyone Sunday!


TanjaG said...

I find it difficult to work away from the computer but it's something I work on. It would be nice to get work done outside of the office :)

Good luck with your goals!

Lara said...

Tanja, luckily on Monday and Wednesday I work at a math lab. Most of the students work individually, so I have quite a few stretches of time when I can do what I like.

Tia Bach said...

Great update. It's having a plan that lets you have good and bad days (that pesky Life has its fun!) and still hit goals.

Hope Round 3 continues to go well for you.