Sunday, January 01, 2012

ROW80 Goals

Let's face it. I'm torn. And I can't even blame my dithering on being hung over (last night being New Year's Eve and my birthday). I'm talking about my writing goals.

Do I go for word count? Pages? If I go with two pages per day, I should have well over 600 pages by this time next year, assuming everything stays on schedule. If I go for word count, it seems a little less concrete to me. After all, you can always make up word count tomorrow, right?

Then, there's the option of scenes. Do I go with two scenes per week? That would give me a bit over 100 scenes by this time next year. I have a confession here - I developed a habit that I picked up from Mary Janice Davidson. I tend to do one scene per chapter. Will that make my weekly job easier or harder? Will it have any effect at all? At the end, though, I think it will make it easier to shift things around when I need to finalize my story progression.

Okay. Decision time...(insert drum roll here)...I'm choosing to do two pages per day for the duration of the challenge. If I can squeeze more out of my rather twisted brain, that'll be all to the good.

Get ready, get set...


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