Sunday, April 15, 2012

What Planet Am I On...?

It's been a bit crazy this week. I pulled a couple of muscles on the sides of each legs. You know, the ones that curve from your butt to the top of your legs? Wow, talk about pain!! I walked like someone who was about 120 and lame to boot. Yeah, the dreadmill stuff didn't work so much this week. Today was the first day I was able to walk without too much pain. (And I still don't know how it happened...)

Writing? Planning? With final exams upon us, my students are grabbing all my time. I haven't done a thing. Except one. I did have a new story idea slam into my head. So I wrote that down and put it away in my file.

Exam last two weeks - they start tomorrow - and for my students they end on the 24th. I'm not foreseeing a lot of work accomplished until then.

This week I plan on pushing through the mud and getting through the exams to the freedom of the page!


Barbara McDowell said...

"I pulled a couple of muscles on the sides of each legs." Big ow, Lara! I get tight in that muscle area too and find it is then easy to tweak. Some light stretching where you lie on your back and alternate pulling up each knee to your chest might help with loosening it up.

It looks like you have a hard schedule the next few weeks. If you can steal just 10 minutes a day to put forth a some brainstorming on the new story idea, that might fill in some of the void in having to be away from the writing right now. Good luck!

Eden Mabee said...

Ooh, Lara. OW! Hope you are starting to feel better. Gentle stretching and maybe some hot water soaking.

I second what Barbara said about the ten minutes of brainstorming time. Even if it's just a few words on a note card here and there. Perhaps carry some post-it notes with you?

Either way, the ROW will be here after you come back, be it tomorrow or two weeks from now, and we'll be happy to nudge--I mean, support!--you as you need us too.