Sunday, August 05, 2012

Woo Hoo!

Hi everyone! Hope everything's going well.

YES! I did it. I got the A in Calculus!!! Never thought I'd see the day. I decided I'm not taking Calculus II until the spring semester - I've got to brush up on my Trigonometry first.

I was bad this week with the writing. I haven't done as much organizing and planning as I should. I've been a little depressed because of my financial situation, and it's been overtaking my brain. I hope to fight my way through it and find my equilibrium. I have to keep remembering - God wouldn't give me anything that I'm not able to handle. Or, for the more metaphysically inclined, I wouldn't create this for myself without a reason.

Ok, so squaring my shoulders and preparing to move on.

I did come up with a new idea this morning. Working title called "The Comely Wench" and it's in praise of well-fleshed women and the men who love them. I wrote down all the data that I dreamed, and then put it in my future works file.

I've got to get this current piece done!

See you all on Wednesday. Happy writing!


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Lauralynn Elliott said...

Sometimes life throws us for a loop and things like financial uncertainty, etc. can make us lose focus on our writing. But you're right...God won't give you more than you can handle. Maybe the escape of writing can make you forget the hard things of life for awhile. I hope things work out well for you. Good luck this week!