Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Goals and Scrivener

Morning, everyone! Here's the midweek rundown:

1. Exercise - I discovered that I procrastinate more than I should. (Actually, should anyone ever really procrastinate? I'm going to answer yes, because if I'd made it to work on time today, I might have been caught in the elevator fire we had in my building. Whew!) Ok, back to exercise. I'm finding that only walking during the commercials doesn't work for me. There's always something "more important" to do, like unload the dishwasher or throw another load of laundry in. So, it looks like it's going to have to be done all at once.

I also discovered that vanity was a better motivator for me than health. Huh. Who woulda thunk it?

2. I haven't done any "writing" yet - still doing a lot of planning. But I had this outrageous nightmare last night, which I'll probably try to get on the page today between rounds with students.

3. No fried chicken or pizza. Go me! And the fried chicken is on sale this week, too. I came home from work late on Monday, so we had Chinese instead. Veggies were better for me, and I had leftovers for lunch. I worked out great.

4. I'm doing well on the no processed food goal. It seems that less processed equals better flavor. Things are really looking up.

Could I get some feedback on something? I'm currently using WriteWay as my writing software, but I'm considering switching to Scrivener because it also does screenplays. How do all you Scrivener users like it? Why do you like it? Have you had any experience with WriteWay?

Thanks for all your feedback - I really appreciate it!


Kim Switzer said...

Wow, if ever there was a payoff for procrastinating, that's it right there! I hope everyone was okay.

I'm with you on the vanity motivation. I want to be all about the health, but vanity seems to get me going faster and stronger. At least the health will benefit no matter the motivation. Congrats on the food front, too!

I used Scrivener last year for NaNoWriMo, and I liked how easy it was to move between different areas of my work. This year I am writing on a tablet because my poor old Netbook is struggling and needs to be replaced, but that's the only reason I'm not using Scrivener again. I think it's worth at least playing around with, and I believe they still let you have it on trial for 30 days so you can check it out without committing.

Anonymous said...

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